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Tanning Beds

Our Available Tanning Beds: We have a full range of equipment, from 20-minute beds to quick and powerful 8-minute bed; “lay down” or “standup” models; high-pressure facials or no facial at all. Amenities include music, cooling fans and even air conditioned beds.

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SunSport Platinum

The most superior in tanning equipment! The granddaddy of all sunbeds on the market. The SunSport Platinum is like no other combining powerful hi-pressure lamps and an effective filter system which greatly reduces the risk of burning. A total long lasting tan can be achieved in just 2-3 sessions and maintained in 2-3 sessions a month!
Ultra Turbo 600
(The King)

The Ultimate in Tanning. This 12 minute Bronzing Bed will provide you with the fastest, darkest tan in half the sessions of a typical tanning bed. Surrounded by bronzing lamps and turbo cooling, you will also find adjustable facial tanners and shoulder tanners. Faster, darker and longer lasting!
The Lounge

Our 8 minute Standup tanning bed utilizes mostly UVA bronzing rays that produce deep bronze long lasting tan.
The Turbo Bed

Experience this unique “deep dished” 15 minute tanning bed. With 20 170watt lamps on the top, and 20 120watt lamps on the bottom. This combination will help you get beyond your tanning dreams.  
Level 1

The Ambition 200's powerful UV lamps and uniquely oval tanning surface provide fantastic results via Surround Tan. This concept places the body in perfect alignment to the tanning lamps and helps eliminate UV "gaps and peaks" for an all over, even tan.
Classic Legs

The 12 minute leg tanner is a new way to ensure you get dark sexy legs in just a few quick sessions. Its unique design allows you to tan not only your legs, but feet and ankles as well! Sit back, listen to music or read a magazine and enjoy our Leg tanner.